Yagi Procom directional antenna

  • Weight: 0,7 kg
  • Size: 53x5,5x13 (LxBxH in cm)
The Yagi Procom YA1800 is a low-cost Holiday and Weekend Cottage directional Antenna for Cellular Networks in the 1800 MHz Band.
It's a directional antenna. Ideal for use on caravans, mobile homes and at weekend cottages. Significant improvement of the quality of the mobile communication in areas with unsatisfactory coverage. Approx. 10 dBi gain. For use with 1800 MHz cellular networks (DCS 1800, PCN 1800, DECT and similar networks). For mobil telephones being used in "semi-stationary" installations. Supplied with fittings and bolts for mounting on 30-50mm diameter mast tube.
We don't know whether it's still functional.